Hemispheric Defense Bulletin

August 18, 1940

(Department of State Bulletin, Aug. 24, 1940)

[Issued after a conference between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada at Odgensburg, New York on August 17, 1940 to discuss mutual defense concerns of the United States and Canada.]

The Prime Minister and the President have discussed the mutual problems of defense in relation to the safety of Canada and the United States.

It has been agreed that a Permanent Joint Board on Defense shall be set up at once by the two countries.

This Permanent Joint Board on Defense shall commence immediate studies relating to sea, land and air problems including personnel and materiel.

It will consider in the broad sense the defense of the north half of the
Western Hemisphere.

The Permanent Joint Board on Defense will consist of four or five members from each country, most of them from the services. It will meet shortly.

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